Facebook wants to know why you don’t like adverts

Advertising is, for all intents and purposes, a necessary evil. Without out it the internet wouldn’t exist in its current form because everyone would have to pay for everything they wanted to access. The thing is, they’re only any use of people actually go ahead and click on them, and Facebook wants to know why you aren’t feeding it coins by clicking adverts all the time.

From now on, everytime you click that you don’t want to see an advert Facebook is going to ask why. Is it offensive? Have you seen it before? Is it not interesting? Choosing one of the five options will then inform Facebook why you don’t want the privilege of using this advert to earn the social media giant money.

This data will then inevitably be fed back into Facebook’s personalisation algorithms to ensure that it’s offering you adverts for things you do want to see, so that you’re more likely to click them — earning Facebook money in the process.

Maybe Facebook, just maybe, people are hiding adverts because they don’t like adverts in general, and nothing you do will make them more likely to click them. Have you thought of that?

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Tom Pritchard

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