Why queue? Reserve an iPhone 6 at your local Apple store instead

Queuing is a great British tradition, and if it was a competitive sport we’d definitely rank amongst the world’s best. We saw that people were already starting to queue up outside Apple Stores before the iPhone 6 had even been announced, and no doubt those queues are acquiring mass as we speak. But why queue for a chance that the phone won’t sell out? Why not reserve one at your local Apple Store and put your mind at rest.

Ok so you’ll probably have to queue on the day anyway, but it certainly puts your mind at ease knowing that somewhere inside that shiny white shop there is quite literally an iPhone with your name on it waiting for you to taking it home and plug it in.

I suppose there is the issue that you haven’t actually paid for your phone, so there could be a chance that they sell out. That makes it all the more annoying that people in the US have the opportunity to buy their new iPhone online beforehand, and pick it up in-store on the 19th of September.

Or you could go for the tried and tested method of ordering online and having it delivered to your front door. Let’s just hope that you manage to book yourself the day off work so you can sit around and wait for it to arrive.

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Tom Pritchard