Can’t wait for the Apple Watch? Get it on Android Wear right now

The Apple Watch isn’t due to be launched until early next year, which means it could be anything from three to six months away from being in our hands. If you can’t really wait that long, you can actually download a version of the watch’s interface for an Android Wear smartwatch.

Available as a free download for round and rectangular Android Wear watchfaces, ‘Pear watchface’ is a spitting image of the interface that Apple showed off during last week’s Apple Watch announcement. Of course it’s only for show, since it doesn’t have Apple’s digital crown to navigate, but it does look awfully pretty.

UhrArt, creators of the design, have this to say

So there is this big company, let’s call it PEAR industries, which will release that awesome new product in 2015. They always tell how cool and innovative they are. So I decided, that it would be nice if we show the people following this company how cool our shiny products can be ;)

One added bonus to this for Moto 360 owners, is that you can see what the Apple Watch would look like if Apple had decided to launch it with a round watchface in real life — rather than just looking at some concepts uploaded on the internet.

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Tom Pritchard