Bono thinks forcing his album on people is very ‘punk rock’

Remember how Apple decided to give everyone U2’s latest album free of charge? And how it was incredible difficult to actually delete it from your iTunes library? Apparently Bono thinks that the whole situation was very ‘punk rock’. Because nothing says punk like allying yourself with one of the world’s largest corporations.

In an interview with TIME, Bono said that the whole thing was “really subversive. It’s really punk rock, it’s really disruptive”. Yeah take that establishment, Bono just put his album on everyone’s iPhones. That’s so punk. Total anarchy right there.

Oh maybe this is just another indication that Bono quite literally has no idea what he’s talking about most of the time. Maybe someone should help him out by buying him a dictionary for Christmas.

Or maybe showing him what punk rock actually is. Hint: it’s the total opposite of pretty much everything U2 has released.

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Tom Pritchard

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