LifeTip bra tag can detect heart attacks

A tag which attaches to a woman’s bra in order to detect heart attacks is seeking funding on Indiegogo.

The tag, known as LifeTip, clips on the front of any bra using a simple magnet. Resting just over the heart, the triangular ECG device immediately alerts emergency services upon identifying abnormal heart palpitations, the cause of a heart attack.

Among other things, LifeTip can also detect steps, calories consumed, back posture and body temperature.

The tag connects with a LifeTip smartphone app which is what enables it to make contact with emergency services. This is key because cardiac arrest – heart attacks – are reversible in most cases as long as they’re treated with CPR and a defibrillator within minutes, but sadly many people die unnecessarily because help doesn’t reach them in time.

It’s a brilliant idea, although the tag is quite large at this stage – hopefully it might get more discreet as the technology progresses. There’s also a men’s version of LifeTip which can be worn on the front of a T-shirt. The Indiegogo appeal runs until 13 August.


Sadie Hale