Samsung’s clever colour-changing art installation adapts to the weather

Have you ever heard of synesthesia? It’s a complex ‘neurological phenomenon’ (thanks Wikipedia!) that ties one sensory experience to another. So for example, some synesthetes might link textures to days or colours to emotions. The latter may sound familiar even to those who don’t usually experience synesthesia (I always associate happiness with a sparkly blue!) and this is the thinking behind a new experiential ad campaign and art experience from Samsung called Colour Therapy.

Colour Therapy consists of a range of beautiful abstract images on huge billboards that are accompanied by music as they move, merge and change colour depending on the humidity, wind and temperature of their location.

According to PSFK, the colours don’t mimic the weather, but work to change our attitudes towards what’s going on around us. So for instance, on rainy days we might all be served up warm, slow-moving images and on days packed with sunshine the display will attempt to cool onlookers down with more icy colours.

Designed by multimedia artist Marcos Lutyens for Samsung, the Colour Therapy project will be spread across five different locations. It’s already in New York’s Times Square and is set to arrive at prime locations in Toronto, Amsterdam, Singapore and London (woo!) soon as well.

The project aims to prove just how powerful colour, movement and sound can be in dictating our moods. However, the project isn’t just an interesting art installation/social experiment, it’s actually been developed to show off the amazing detail and colour palette of the new Galaxy Tab S.

If you won’t be at any of the locations above, then check out the Colour Therapy website, which allows you to interact with the billboards from your screen!

Becca Caddy