Ubersnap lets you add music to your photos

Music and photos are part of everyone’s life, so it’s amazing that no one has thought to put the two together until now. Ubersnap has made it possible to use music to give your photos that bit more expressive.

Ubersnap allows you to search through millions of songs, and browse by mood, so you can find the perfect soundtrack for that beautiful landscape or picture of you and your friends on a night out.

Based in Singapore and created by two photography enthusiasts, Ubersnap is working with 7digital to provide a catalogue of over 25 million songs, so you won’t be stuck for a song to match the mood of your pictures.

We’re not sure a song is going to provide THAT much more to our pictures, but it sounds like something that could add a nice touch, and make our photos a bit different to the normal.

Hayley Minn

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