JustPark finds you parking spaces straight from your car (if you have a Mini)

Do you find it a nightmare going shopping on a weekend, only to find you spend most of the time just looking for a parking space, because it’s so busy? If so, then you could definitely make use of a new app called JustPark, which allows drivers to find, book, pay for and navigate to a free spot directly from their driving seat.

JustPark works by allowing home and business owners to rent out spaces to drivers, so they earn money in the process.

At the moment, drivers can browse over 10,000 parking spaces across the UK, from car parks and hotels to home driveways and pubs. Once they’ve chosen a space, they will then be navigated straight to it via the app.

JustPark founder Anthony Eskinazi told The Telegraph: “In 2014, no driver should have to experience the stress and uncertainty of circling the streets searching for that elusive parking space.

“JustPark gives drivers the convenience of finding and reserving an affordable parking space in moments. Just as we use apps to order taxis and takeaways, parking is finally being brought out of the dark ages.”

If you drive a Mini, you’ll be lucky enough to have JustPark integrated into your car, although BMW plans to roll it out across its entire range later this year. For drivers of other cars, JustPark is also available through the iPhone app and via the JustPark website.

Hayley Minn