Huffpo adds Spritz to US mobile site: Reading the news just got faster (and a lot more fun)

Remember Spritz? It’s a phenomenally clever text streaming service that made waves earlier in the year and it can basically eat up any kind of textual content and serve it back to you at lightning speed, turning you into the speediest of speed readers in a quicker, easier way than you could ever imagine.

Well, there were rumours Spritz would be integrated into Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S5 handset, but now it seems the team are looking to crack into another niche: news sites.

Back when we first wrote about the magic of Spritz, tech commentators believed the clever team behind the speedy service would be pairing up with brands to make big things happen. We imagine plenty of partnerships are on the horizon as we type this, but it makes a LOT of sense to show off its capabilities with media companies first.

So, we weren’t at all surprised to see people tweeting about the fact Spritz has now been integrated into Huffington Post’s US mobile site. And. It’s. AWESOME. (Thanks @zseward for tweeting this, we wouldn’t have spotted it without you!.)

You’ll need to visit to see it in action for yourself. Just click on a news story and look out for a grey ‘Tap To Read This Story Fast’ header bar. Click it and start reading like you’re part of the X-Men.

Now, I have to admit, Spritz gives me a bit of a headache. It could be because I wear glasses or I get travel sick, but something about the whizzing images make me feel queasy at first. But, I decided to persevere, and tweaking the speed at which you read (you can do this from within the Huffpo news posts) and getting your eyes used to things flashing past it actually became easier and less… ‘migraine-y’ over time, so don’t be put off if this style of reading doesn’t gel with you at first!

Also, after a quick research about what the Spritz team are up to, I noticed that they’re teaming up with the movie Lucy to show you just how superhuman you can be! Pretty nifty brand tie-in, right? It’s also a lot of fun!

Becca Caddy