Would you buy Sproutling (essentially a Fitbit for your baby)?

So, we all knew wearables were a big deal. Anyone who’s anyone’s got one, and now it seems babies are jumping on the wearable bandwagon too. Sproutling, the self-proclaimed ‘world’s smartest baby monitor’, is trying to give parents some peace of mind, but is it just a bit too much?

Designed by a team of former Apple and Google engineers, paediatric specialists and new parents, Sproutling seems like a Fitbit for babies, measuring vital signs and providing insight on sleep patterns and mood.

The Sproutling is also made up of three parts. The rubber-coated, hypoallergenic band is washing-machine safe and contains a sensor that monitors heart rate, temperature and motion. The device’s battery lasts about three days and can be dropped into its base station for wireless charging. The third part of the Sproutling system is the mobile app, which relays the information documented by the device. Sound familiar?

The app, which can be accessed by multiple people, including babysitters, uses data to predict when the baby will wake up, and it tries to determine what mood the baby is in before parents even walk in the room (but why couldn’t the parents just go in and assess the baby’s mood for themselves?)

Sproutling can also notify users in case of emergency, like if the baby’s heart rate or skin temperature changes significantly, or if an infant rolls over, which does seem like the most important part of this baby fitness tracker.

Although the product is not set to launch officially until March 2015, parents can pre-order online now for $249. Sproutling will retail for $299 when it hits the market.

Hayley Minn

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