You can now customise an Acura car without leaving Twitter

Just yesterday we told you that you can watch a TV pilot on Twitter, and now it’s also possible to customise a car, an Acura 2015 TLX performance luxury sedan, to be precise, without leaving the social media website.

Using the revamped version of the new Twitter cards, which allow you to add photos, videos and other media, Acura has made it possible for you to choose an engine, what kind of steer you want and an exterior colour. Once your personalised car is complete, you can then tweet it for everyone to see.

Michael Accavitti, general manager for Acura, said: “The TLX heralds a new era for the Acura sedan lineup and the scale of the marketing effort behind the launch signifies the importance of the model both to the brand and its position within the luxury sedan market.”

Our customised car is featured in the main picture. What do you think? Create your own one here.

Hayley Minn