Wearable tech: this shirt lights up in response to music

New York-based company CRATED has teamed up with BotFactory, a circuitry and electronics start-up, to produce a shirt that incorporates some smart technology, allowing the shirt’s logo to light up in response to audio.

The garish garment, named ‘Sync’, features a pulsating LED ‘+’ sign design that changes brightness according to background music – making it great for parties and festivals.

What’s more, all this is relatively fuss-free: as stated on CRATED’s website, the shirt ‘responds to audio through a small, insular patch in the center of the shirt that is flexible.’

The creators aren’t being stingy either, allowing the patch to be attached to other items of clothing: ‘Because the patch is self-sustaining, there’s no wiring running through the garment. And the patch can be removed for washing or to transferred to another garment.’

Sync was apparently created in response to the popularisation of visual DJs in the electronic music scene, and will hopefully be available to buy in the next six months.

Watch Sync in action here.

Sadie Hale