ABC’s Selfie has become the first ever TV pilot to be shareable via Twitter

We wouldn’t expect anything less from a TV show called ‘Selfie’, but it’s become the first TV show to ever get its pilot episode available and shareable through Twitter.

Starting yesterday morning, ABC made the entire 22-minute pilot episode of the comedy, starring Doctor Who actor and Britain’s very own Karen Gillian, available to watch within a Tweet.

What’s cool about it though is that Twitter users can share the episode by just using the hashtag #SelfieABC, which automatically embeds the video (although it only works on iOS phones, soz.)

Loosely based on My Fair Lady, Selfie is about a social media-obsessed 20-something who looks to a marketing guru (John Cho) for help in rehabbing her flawed ways.

Selfie officially premieres 30th September, but watching it via Twitter is for you if you’re not able to wait until then.

Hayley Minn

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