Uh oh, iPads might be triggering nickel allergies in kids

Many of us have probably heard that you can be allergic to nickel, but usually attribute the telltale itchiness to a cheap pair of earrings. Well, it looks like those with a low tolerance to this particularly nasty silver-y metal might have other problem on their hands, because iPads are now being identified as a trigger for setting off nickel-related rashes. Ouch.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, an 11-year-old boy’s rather severe-looking rash was a mystery until dermatologists Sharon Jacob and Dr Shehla Admani realised he was leaning his iPad on his leg all of the time. His family wrapped the gadget in a case to test out whether there was a connection and as if by magic (or an absence of nickel against the skin), his condition improved.

According to reports, the first gen iPad tested positive for nickel, but no one is sure whether that’s officially recognised by Apple or whether later versions of the device might bring on the same reaction.

In a statement to Reuters, an Apple spokesperson was particularly elusive and said: ‘We have found that allergies like the one reported in this case are extremely rare […] Apple products are made from the highest quality materials and meet the same strict standards set for jewelry by both the U.S. Consumer Safety Product Commission and their counterparts in Europe.’

This report is the latest in a string of research papers and studies that explore how we could all be affected by the nickel content in our beloved gadgets.

Have you ever noticed a rash or excessive itchiness after using your phone, tablet or laptop?

Image via Brad Flickinger’s Flickr.


Becca Caddy