Tory Burch has released VERY stylish Fitbit Flex accessories

Fitbit Flex has received a stylish makeover today, as designer Tory Burch has officially launched her high-end accessory collection for the wearable fitness tracker.

Although fitness trackers are becoming rapidly more and more popular, the bands just don’t seem to be focused on looks, and do tend to stand out when you’re out dressed up to the nines, but your wrist looks like you should be at the gym instead.

The silicone printed bracelets come in Tory Burch’s signature colours of blue and pink, but, even with the designers signature prints as well, are the parts of the collection most like the Fitbit Flex’s existing wristband.

The part of this range that we’re absolutely loving though, is the pendant necklace and hinged bracelet, both made of brass with decorate open framework, and both able to hold the Fitbit Flex discretely, ultimately transforming the fitness tracker into a stylish accessory we’d wear anyway! We’re hoping this is a step forward in the design of wearables.

The accessories are available to buy from either the Tory Burch website or Fitbit website.

Hayley Minn

One thought on “Tory Burch has released VERY stylish Fitbit Flex accessories

  • I love this idea, but I don’t love the designer price tag. I go to a lot of work events, where I don’t really like my FitBit Flex to show, so I found some affordable FitBit Jewelry at They have a ton of styles to choose from, and they all look great with my work clothes.

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