Snapchat is more for selfies and cats than sexting

Snapchat has always seemed to have a reputation for being used as a tool for sexting, but we’ve always known it was more for silly stuff, like selfies with drawings all over us, or for showing off about that gig we’re at. Now, actual scientists have found that the app is used way more for cat pictures and selfies.

A study from the University of Washington polled 127 Snapchat users aged 18 and over, and found that 60% of respondents used the app to send ‘funny content’, while the second most popular type of snap is a selfie. We’re actually surprised it’s not the other way round!

14 percent of the people surveyed admitted that they’d previously sent sexts via Snapchat, but only 1.6 percent said they do it on a regular basis.

Most of the respondents in the study revealed that they have had their pictures screen-shotted at some point, but also said that they weren’t worried about the safety of that being sent, as they trust the people they send pictures to. They also didn’t seem to mind that their pictures were saved, answering neutral or positive, thinking it was funny.

Despite all this, according to the MailOnline, the researchers still believe there is a market for a more secure chat app.

They said: ‘Nevertheless, we observe that a non-negligible fraction (but not a majority) of respondents adapt their behavior in response to Snapchat’s weak security properties, and thus conclude that these users may still have a use for a more secure messaging application in addition to the more casual, fun-focused Snapchat.’

Do you think Snapchat isn’t secure enough, or are you fine with it just as it is? Let us know in the comments below.

Hayley Minn

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