Check out these Apple iPhone 6 clones already being sold in China

Ever wish you could just stop buying into the latest iPhone hype and just build one of the damn things yourself? Well, it looks like that’s EXACTLY what some manufacturers in China have been doing, because photos of some rather convincing (OK, slightly convincing) iPhone 6 clones have been circulating this week.

French tech blog has published a bunch of photos of these alleged iPhone 6 clones that have been all over Chinese social networking site Weibo.

To the untrained eye the images above could be very convincing. After all, these clones incorporate many of the Apple iPhone 6 rumours we’ve been hearing whispers about for months, like a curved rear display with lines across the back. However, online sources are quick to claim that if you take a closer look the devices have misaligned screens and the buttons don’t seem to fit the device quite right. But what about the operating system, right? Well, The Shanghaiist reckons these ‘shanzhai’ (cloned) iPhone 6 devices are actually running a skinned version of Android made to look like Apple’s iOS. Ouch, well you nearly had us convinced!

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Becca Caddy