Microsoft working on wearables for the blind in UK trials

Everyone from big tech giants to tiny startups are working on wearables to make the average consumer’s life better – whether they’re prompting us to take more steps, improve our posture or run a little bit faster. But what about those with disabilities? Well, according to rumours this week, Microsoft is stepping up to the challenge of developing wearable gadgets for those who are blind and visually impaired.

Ubergizmo reports that Microsoft is currently testing an innovative new wearable in the UK for those with sight problems. Although there have been no official details about what the gadget will look like and how it’ll work, industry insiders guess it’s likely to scan objects and report back to the wearer what they are and whereabouts they are to help them live more fulfilling lives and help them become more independent.

Image via scobleizer’s Flickr.



Becca Caddy

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