Did you know Apple doesn’t own the trademark for Touch ID?

With Apple’s revolutionary Touch ID already out there and being used daily by 5S users, it seems somewhat unbelievable that Apple doesn’t own the trademark for it. Yep, we didn’t know that either.

It’s come to light that in fact that Touch ID as a trademark is owned by Kronos Technology Systems and has been for the past 13 years (with Apple only applying in January of this year), this really is a massive oversight for Apple, because according to reports it’s been given 6 months to respond to the US Patent & Trademark Office with a sufficient remedy or otherwise Apple will have to pull the plug on using Touch ID as a name in future devices.

I’m not sure how this will play out for Apple, I can’t see Kronos just handing over the trademark, so either this will be a hefty pay-day for them or Apple will just rename their fingerprint sensor. What do you guys think? Should Apple rename Touch ID? Or should they buy the trademark from Kronos?

Images via The Verge

Craig Fox