Are Apple and IBM back together?

In the past the relationship between IBM and Apple has been an amazing amalgamation of brilliant hardware and software teams, they brought us the amazing PowerPC Macs of the 90’s/00’s.

But in the wake of that IBM and Apple have once again joined forces, but this time to ensure IBM employees use iDevices in the workplace. The press release itself details IBM building over 100 native apps from the ground up with their ‘IBM MobileFirst Solutions for iOS’ banner and will even have 24/7 phone support for repairs using a new Apple Care solution. 

Written in the press release is a quote which stood out to me;

‘As part of the exclusive IBM MobileFirst for iOS agreement, IBM will also sell iPhones and iPads with the industry-specific solutions to business clients worldwide.’

IBM’s services and branch into the world of software is massive, I can only see this partnership growing and seeping into other corporate giants. What do you guys think about this? Does IBM and Apple back together make you happy? Will we see more from this?

Image via Webgreeter

Craig Fox