Is Corning worried about Apple’s Sapphire glass rumours?

We’ve seen plenty of rumours that the upcoming iPhone will have Sapphire glass, with these rumours Corning appears to have been somewhat shaken and has launched a video on its site detailing the breaking point of its Gorilla glass vs Sapphire glass.

This is a very bold statement to make without any concise evidence that the new iPhone 6 will even use Sapphire glass, so it definitely brings me to think they know something inside the happenings of Apple or perhaps it’s a message to other smartphone manufacturers that Corning’s Gorilla glass is the one to use.

For a number of years now Gorilla glass has been the go to for glass in both smartphones and tablets alike, but with changes in technology everything evolves and becomes better. And going by these rumors Apple and maybe other OEM’S will be using the future of Sapphire glass in their devices. What do you guys think, insider knowledge? Or a message to other manufacturers?

Image via Forbes

Craig Fox