Were Apple iPhone 6 release date and specs leaked by Amazon?

Looking back at Apple’s history of iPhone release dates it has normally been in the summer months of June/July, but last year switched to mid September, so we can only but guess Apple’s approach to delivery time this year, in a normal world where people make no errors and rumour mills don’t happen could we ‘guess’ the release date?

We have been granted some early access by an ever convincing screenshot from Amazon detailing the release date of September 30th and some small specifications such as the dimensions (130 x 65 x 7mm), model size of 64GB model and a favourite of mine: Gold. Prices seem a lot higher than the usual $849 with the site showing 139,999 Yen ($1377).

The screenshot itself clearly depicts 2 models, thus leaving us to believe rumours of a 4.7 and 5.5 inch iPhone are coming (I’m happy about this one), who knows whether this picture is real or not, it certainly leads me to believe it is, but it’s a waiting game now for an Apple conference to tell us when what and how. What do you guys think? Real? Fake? Will you be getting it at that price?

Update: According to Forbes, the screenshot above may have been taken from a market seller’s page and not Amazon itself. Either way, it’s enough to get the rumour mill in full swing again this morning!


Craig Fox

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