Tinitell: the world's smallest phone to keep kids safe

e9296d53e2c2f0d3917a21dfc3e00369_large.pngThe world’s smallest mobile phone has been created, measuring in at just 32mm wide. Originally designed for children, so that parents can know where their child is at all times; Tinitell looks like it could also be completely useful for when us adults don’t fancy taking our expensive iPhones to the front of the stage at that music festival.

Accepted by any third-party sim card, the 2G mobile is attached to the wrist, and uses a voice-activated call system that can be operated with the touch of a button and saying a contact’s name. Tinitell can also receive calls from other phones.

Tinitell is run through an app, where you input the relevant numbers and assign the names to be recognised by the phone.

Coming in various colours, Tinitell is also water-resistant and battery life is 100 hours on standby and one hour while in use. There is also an LED system on the phone to let you know when it needs a charge and to show you when a call is activated.

Swedish Mats Horn came up with the idea for Tinitell, when he was at a family party.

He told Cool Hunting: “It was time for everyone to go inside as dinner was nearly ready. My niece flat-out refused and wanted to carry on playing outside. Why not–it was a lovely sunny day. Besides, it’s what kids should be doing, not hanging about with the adults because they need watching.”

When the family eventually decided that she should come inside, rather than risking letting her use one of the adults’ expensive phones, Mats realised that there should be a phone specifically for children.

A pledge of over $99 (about £59) on Kickstarter will get you a Tinitell, which will retail for $179 (about £106) once successfully funded.

Hayley Minn