Watch these kids react to a walkman and prepare to feel old

It doesn’t seem THAT long ago that we got our iPods, but when a kid says, “You need headphones just to listen to music? Do you know how messed up that is?”, you know you’re old.

That’s exactly how one boy reacted when shown a Walkman and a cassette in a Youtube video from the Kids React series, and was one of many children who had no idea what it was when handed it – one of these being a 13 year old!

As the children, used to their smartphones and tablets, in the video learn how to use the Walkman, they all struggle so much that one girl declares herself “a survivor” for sticking with the task for so long, while another likens herself to Indiana Jones. Let’s clarify here, they are just inserting a cassette into a Walkman and pressing play.

Although this video made us feel ancient, it does make you realise how much more efficient technology is now, and how rapidly it has progressed. Thankfully, we no longer have to fast-forward or rewind our cassette and pray we’ve stopped at the right place when we specifically want to listen to 5,6,7,8 on our Now! That’s What I Call Music 39 tape.

Hayley Minn