You can now buy clothes online that actually fit, thanks to Fitbay

Are you tired of having to send your online shopping back because it just doesn’t fit you like the model in the picture? Well, worry no more, as new consumer tool Fitbay is looking to eliminate the problem through social networking with people with similar body shapes and tastes.

Described by its creators as “a social network for finding clothes that fit”, users simply answer five anonymous questions about their body type and shape, before uploading information about items of clothing they already own and that fit them perfectly.

The website, created for men as well as women, then connects users into virtual networks based on their height, weight, and body shape, creating a social shopping experience, where recommendations from other similar users create a personalised online retail environment, where every item of clothing will, hopefully, fit.

Beyond presenting fashion in the right size, Fitbay provides inspiration for its users with a growing database of 2 million purchasable clothing items from high street brands to niche items drawn from smaller online boutiques, which can be added by other Fitbay users.

Fitbay is currently an invite-only service but users can speed up the invitation process by uploading details about the fit of clothes they already own and love.

Christian Wylonis, CEO and Founder of the website, explains: “Fitbay was created to solve a problem that we, and our colleagues, friends and families, had all experienced first-hand. It seemed that when purchasing clothes online, a large amount of luck was required when it came to the received items actually fitting.

“There’s also evidence that frustrating experiences dissuade consumers from making future online purchases, which is a backward step. Fitbay is leaving fashion lovers with a renewed confidence about online clothes shopping.”

Hayley Minn


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