This Game of Thrones season 3 emoji recap is ridiculous but spot on

If you’re keen to catch up on Game of Thrones ahead of the season four premiere at the weekend you could go back through every episode of guts and gore, check out HBO’s interactive online guide to the epic TV show, actually read George R.R. Martin’s books or just watch this Game of Phones recap in under two minutes.

Watch the video above as the complexities of the fantastical saga are captured through the language of a modern day generation: emojis. Featuring timeless favourites like ghost-face, dancing woman and lots of little dragons, you’re taken on an epic journey through Westeros that manages to recreate some of the most iconic scenes from the past season.

The question now is: does this beat the emoji version of Drunk in Love? Well who knows, but it’s certainly a contender.

Becca Caddy