HBO launches interactive Game of Thrones guide ahead of season 4

Any good GoT fan will know that the fourth season of the hit TV saga airs this weekend and to celebrate HBO has launched an interactive online guide designed to get us all up-to-date with what’s been happening in Westeros (and not to mention even further afield).

The site over at allows you to browse through stills and plot details from each episode, scan over a map of the GoT world and catch up on what’s been happening where (we always forget it’s just SO huge) and also (and this is our favourite bit) view beautiful interactive family trees of the key houses.


For die-hard fans it’s a nice way to procrastinate your afternoon away and for those who need a refresher before the weekend it’s pretty vital that you get up-to-date before you’re introduced to even more plot twists, characters and exotic countries at the weekend.

Becca Caddy