Is Apple secretly trademarking 'iWatch' all over the globe?


It looks like we could be one step closer to Apple’s big iWatch announcement, because according to sources the tech giant is pursuing the iWatch trademark in a handful of countries around the globe.

According to reports from Cult of Mac and Consomac, it looks like Apple is using a shell company called Brightflash USA LLC to apply for the trademarks on its behalf. Sources claim that the company is registered in Delaware in the US and has been tied to Apple’s trademarking efforts numerous times in the past.

So far trademarks for the term iWatch have been filed in the US, US, UK, Australia, the European Union, Denmark, China, India, and a few other countries. The applications are being made under Class 14, which covers jewellery, clocks and watches. Weirdly Apple has applied for the same trademarks in Japan, Mexico and Russia under its own name.

Many are convinced this means the iWatch is set to be launched soon, but knowing Apple we could still have a long time to wait before we get our hands on (or our wrists into) the elusive iWatch.

[Image via Cult of Mac]
Becca Caddy