Livr: The app that wants you to get wasted and drunk dial strangers


Nope, unfortunately for the human race you’re actually NOT reading an entry from The Lad Bible’s Facebook page, but an app that encourages people to binge drink, post photos of their antics and then hook up with drunken strangers is now a real life thing and it’s called Livr – presumably because that’s the main organ that’ll pay the price once you’re finished using it?!

All based on the 18-year-old student’s premise that the only fun to be had in life is when you’re completely wasted, the Livr app has a dedicated breathalyzer add-on to prove just how incapable of basic motor skills you really are. We can only guess that the team behind Livr wanted to work with that sweet spot between being drunk enough to think logging onto a social network for alcoholics is a good idea and not drunk enough to be throwing your phone at the ground and seeing twelve of everything.

The whole point is when you’re usually drunk you post things to Facebook and Twitter and then regret everything you’ve done the morning after. Fair. But with Livr you say what you like then can press the Blackout Button and it’s as if you were never there. Well, erm, why do it in the first place then you ask? Oh, erm, LADS! BANTER! LADS! LADS! LADS!

Location features allow you to see where other people are drinking (hint: places where drink is?!) and you can even drunk dial random inebriated strangers from within the app, because approaching people at a bar with a regular ol’ chat up line is just so 2013 now, ya know?

Of course being stupid, drinking too much and drunk dialling aren’t things we haven’t all done at some point after a few too many. But, we’re not sure an app especially dedicated to enable these drunken antics and encourage its users to get as sloshed as possible is really necessary or, and we hate to sound like your mum, particularly responsible.

We’d have loved to see an app that works alongside a breathalyser to, oh we don’t know, NOT encourage people to become completely off their faces, but hey, maybe we’re just being sober idealists.

Livr will be available from Spring 2014.

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Becca Caddy

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