Blocks: A smartwatch you can build all by yourself

block-smartwatch copy.jpg

The concept behind Google’s Project Ara phone (due for a 2015 launch now) is that the power is totally in the hands of the user. They decide which bits they want on their phone and how it’ll look, and it can all be built using a series of modular parts. Well now the Project Ara of smartwatches has landed and it’s called simply Blocks.

Blocks allows its users to pick and choose what they want for their wearable, whether that’s a big screen, more battery or a heart rate monitor.

Although Blocks is still in production, and no one is sure about a launch date, we can’t wait to hear more about how the idea progresses. Wearable tech is inherently all very personal – it’s on you 24/7 and can be used to monitor everything your body gets up to – so it makes total sense that devices should be customisable and built to fit the individual’s needs.

Becca Caddy