Jive Bike: This fold-up electric cycle is a city-dweller's dream

If we say to you “electric bike” we’re pretty sure you wouldn’t dream up something half as sleek and sexy as the Jive Bike.

Designed by Jive London, this electric-powered cycle has a range of cycling modes, a maximum speed of around 15 mph and can last roughly two hours on a single charge, so it’s not for those going on long-distance trips, but for a quick whizz around a city it’s ideal.

It’s also foldable and that doesn’t mean it just bends in half and stays really awkward to transport like similar bikes, but the front wheel rotates round to the back one meaning it’s compact enough to put under your arm and take on the bus or fold away into a cupboard if you don’t have much indoor space. It’s also chainless, which should hopefully mean less complications and general maintenance.

The Jive also has a dashboard that you can slot your phone into. Once it’s in place you can then pair your Jive app to the bike, enabling you to see how many miles you’ve got left before you need another charge.

The one problem? It costs £1499 to get your hands on one of these shiny little electric bikes – ouch – but at the moment there are only 100 available, so if you’ve got the pennies you better act fast.

Even if you’re not interested in the Jive Bike I’d highly recommend checking out the Jive website. It’s a thing of pure beauty.

Becca Caddy

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  • “Fewer complications” not “less complications”. If it's a plural noun with an “s” on the end, it's “fewer”.

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