Impossible: Is Lily Cole's wishing app just too nice for us?


Lily Cole, the supermodel with the flame red hair, beautiful doll face and big brains, has been developing her social network, Impossible, for a few years now. It’s all based on wishing, giving and sharing, which sounds amazing in practice, but are we all really that nice?

Impossible is a little like Instagram when it comes to looks and functionality, but instead of selfies, cat photos and blurry cake snaps it’s about sharing your wishes, dreams and desires (but less in a having lots of sex and making millions way and more in a travelling to a different country and learning French kinda way).

People sign up and share their wishes with the rest of the magical, happy-clappy, positive little community of wish tellers and fulfillers. Others can respond to wishes, see popular and featured wishes and even like wishes with a little heart – see, just like Instagram.

If you’re still not really getting it, then a random selection of current wishes include things like, “I wish I could find a beautiful bookstore in Toronto”, “I wish someone from a foreign country could send me a package” and “I wish I could become a model no matter what my height.” So as you can see, some lend themselves much more to community gifting and sharing than others…

The web version of the site over at has slowly been gaining traction, but this week the Impossible app for iOS has been topping the App Store charts, so that’s bound to get a few more people interested. To be honest we’re not sure whether it’ll really catch on in this big bad world of ours, but we applaud Lily for trying to sprinkle a little bit of her magic and joy onto the masses.

You can download the Impossible app for iOS devices for free.

Becca Caddy