Instagram adds Lux slider to strengthen or soften your selfies

instagram-lux-slider.jpgInstagram fans will know exactly what Lux is – that little sunshine icon in the bottom right of your edit screen – a feature that once you press it strengthens your photos with more contrast and intense colours.

It’s a great button to press when you’re working with scenery in order to make your images look a little more dramatic, but when you’re editing selfies and group images it often makes everything a little too dark and features become unrecognisable and blurry.

Well it looks like Instagram already knew our little bugbear, as in its most recent updated it’s made Lux into a sliding, adjustable feature. Now when you press the sunshine button you’re greeted with a super simple slider (see the example on the left) so you can decide exactly how much your images are strengthened.

Slide it to near the top with scenery and moody shots of clouds, keep it round the middle for objects and food snaps and only add a little bit for selfies and group shots of faces.

Becca Caddy