BBC unveils new, responsive and better-looking BBC iPlayer

BBC iPlayer Strip Black Blocks .jpg

The BBC has launched a new version of its popular video-on-demand service, BBC iPlayer, today.

The new iPlayer has been redesigned, so it looks different and some of its core functionality has changed too. So the recommendations have become much more advanced, the viewing experience is tailored to your device, search is smarter and programmes are grouped together in more intuitive ways.

The new look apps will be updated over the next few months and while they get spruced up, BBC is working on making even more content available via iPlayer, like more original drama and comedy shorts, guided tours and content around specific events, such as the Chelsea Flower Show.

Tony Hall, the Director General at the BBC, said: “This is an exciting day for us. BBC iPlayer is really popular, and new iPlayer will be even better. You’ll be able to find so many more programmes you might like – and I hope everyone enjoys the new design. It’s just a first step to re-inventing BBC iPlayer, the best online television service in the world”

First unveiled back in 2007, the BBC iPlayer apps have now been downloaded more than 28 million times and more than 10 billion programmes have been requested in the six years since its launch.

Becca Caddy