ShowYou finds all of the best viral videos so you don't have to

youview-big.jpgEveryday there are so many new videos that “OMG YOU’VE JUST GOT TO SEE!!!”, to the point that it can be hard to keep up with them as well as eat, do work, function like a human, etc.

Well a new update to the ShowYou video app means you’ll be able to keep abreast of the latest videos without having to hunt them down and watch them throughout the day.

The iPad app collects together all of the top videos that are being shared across your social networks and serves them up to you like your own personal TV channel (but with many more cats, obviously) that starts playing as soon as you open it up.

With online video consumption sky-rocketing at the moment, any way to sort through the noise will undoubtedly prove to be popular – even if it means you have to unfriend some annoying baby video spammers.

ShowYou is available from iTunes.

Becca Caddy