MWC 2014: Wearables and watches you've missed so far


This year, Mobile World Congress was always going to have a big focus on wearable gadgets that hook up to our phones, track our activity and vibrate every time anything remotely interesting happens.

Here’s our rundown of the top wearable gadgets that we’re most excited about getting our hands on:

Samsung unveils Galaxy Fit, ‘world’s first’ curved wearable. The Samsung Galaxy Fit looks a lot like a Nike+ FuelBand, but as well as tracking steps with a built-in pedometer and monitoring heart rate and sleep it also notifies the wearer of notifications on their smartphone – presumably Samsung wanted to find that sweet spot between a fitness tracking wearable and a smartwatch. The device stands out because it also touts a mini curved display with a 1.84″ 432X128 Super AMOLED display.

Samsung announces pair of Gear smartwatches, the Gear 2 and the lighter Gear Neo 2. Both devices come packed with a pedometer, heart rate sensor and more tools to measure stress levels, sleep and activity throughout the day. The watches are running on Tizen OS rather than Android, a move which many believe is to set Samsung apart from Google and make it less reliable on the online giant.

Creoir re-invents the smart watch with the Ibis, which has a custom user Android interface as well as a touch screen display. It’s also compatible with iOS devices too. also on board is Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, an accelerometer, e-compass and an ambient light sensor and USB connectivity.

Sony SmartBand and Lifelog app will track all of your life. The SmartBand teams up with Sony’s upcoming Lifelog app, as well as any phone via Bluetooth or NFC and just like the Nike+ FuelBand and the FitBit Force and Flex, the wearable is designed to live on your wrist 24/7. However, the SWR10 can notify you of incoming calls, tweets and messages, keep a track of places you’ve been, what you’ve been listening to and the games you’ve been addicted to, as well as all of the fitness and health stuff you’d expect too.

Huawei unveils its wearable Talk Band device, which looks like the 24/7 durable, comfortable and (kinda) waterproof bands from FitBit, Nike and more recently Sony rather than the more traditional watch-style that we’ve seen from Samsung. The Talk Band promises to connect your smartphone up to your wrist and handily works with both iOS and Android devices. Its stand-out features include a 1.4″ bendable OLED display, fitness tracking functions and a pop-out earpiece for taking calls.

Becca Caddy