App of the day: Make your Instagram snaps pop with Photofy

photofy-app-shot.jpgGone are the days of adding just one simple filter to our Instagram snaps before we upload them for the rest of the world to view and like (or judge and troll depending on who follows you).

Now there are a range of different apps to visit before we make our final tweaks with Instagram. MoreBeaute is a personal favourite of mine for evening out skin tone and making you look a helluva lot more attractive than you actually are, Piction is my go-to for text additions and Aviary is my favourite for basic adjustments and even more filter options.

Well now new app Photofy is competing to be a staple in your app collection, because it manages to combine a lot of different features into one slick and colourful package.

The iOS app allows you to take a new photo or use an old one in your library to get started. You’re then taken to a page to resize and rotate your image before you begin.

Once you’re done spinning and cropping you’re greeted with an eyegasm of random text additions, frames, stickers and graphics – I downloaded the app around Valentine’s Day, so there were a tonne of sickly sweet messages to begin with, but you can choose from a range of options, like “Arts & Crafts” to “Fitness” that add all kinds of different overlays to your images.

If you finally manage to decide on just one, you can then resize the image, choose a filter or even change the pre-selected text too, giving you a lot of freedom over exactly how your image looks.

The app doesn’t just lend itself to making your photos better before sharing on Instagram, but some of the beautiful typography and motivational mantras really lend Photofy to be a favourite amongst Pinterest lovers too.

iOS users can get their hands on Photofy for free now from the iTunes store.

Becca Caddy