Fin: The magic bluetooth ring that could soon turn us all into Gandalf

We first heard about Fin back in January, when wearable tech fever was taking over the stands at CES. But, we didn’t think this magical bluetooth ring, which gives the wearer control over phones, TVs and any other connected devices, would be available quite so quickly.

According to TechCrunch, Fin has already reached its goal of $100,000 on Indiegogo and is now looking for even more investment in order to put the ring on the market at a discounted price of $59 for visually impaired people.

Because that’s the whole point of the ring, not to make you look like you have Professor Xavier-style powers, but to help those that have problems with their sight better control the world around them. You wear the device on your thumb and with a series of swipes, taps and other super simple gestures, Fin’s sensors will then be able to send different kinds of commands to a range of connected devices.

Visit Fin’s Indiegogo page.


Becca Caddy