How to succeed on Kickstarter – now there's (kind of) a book

kickstarter-kamps.jpegEver thought about putting something on Kickstarter? Getting your page done is easy enough, but getting people to view it another matter. Help might soon be at hand for a Kickstarter veteran – who has funded two separate campaigns – is hoping to launch a book that tells you how to get going on Kickstarter. and he is launching it on, you guessed it, Kickstarter.

It sounds like he knows what he is talking about for the bloke in question, Haje Jan Kamps, has run two hugely successful Kickstarter projects into a business with a million dollar turnover. His latest Kickstarter campaign was fully funded in under 12 hours.

The book, “Kickstarter: succeed first time” will apparently be ‘a comprehensive guide to everything readers need to know about running their own Kickstarter project.’ Kamps says it is split into two main parts. ‘What it takes to create a successful Kickstarter project and a series of master classes, walking readers through some of the skills they will invariably need in the course of running a Kickstarter project. An eBook edition will be available.

Kamps, who is founder and CEO of Triggertrap added: “Throwing yourself into your first Kickstarter project is no easy task, not least because running a Kickstarter campaign places some pretty heavy demands on you. A successful Kickstarter campaign is dependent on a good idea, great marketing, fantastic storytelling, and a compelling overall package. In the process of putting the project together, a project owner will have to do budgeting, PR, put together a video, get some high-quality photos shot, plan for a load of different backer levels, and ultimately figure out what happens if a project fails to reach funding, only just hits its threshold, or perhaps over-funds by 10 or 100 times the original funding goal.”

Last time we looked Kamps was about an eight of the way to funding his project

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Ashley Norris