Will you be buying the Google Chromecast?

It has been hailed as a smart move by Google, but will you be investing in one? The Google Chromecast, which debuted yesterday is a dongle that plugs into your TV’s HDMI socket and enables you to stream video content from a number of devices to your screen.

It is apparently compatible with Android and iOS phones and tablets and Google showed it working with a Windows laptop yesterday too. And it is limited in the video it can stream focusing on staples like YouTube and Netflix. It pulls in the video from the web as opposed to your device and is also compatible with Google’s in the cloud wireless streaming audio service Google Music.

It has already gone on sale in the US for the very competitive price of $35. There’s no details of a UK launch, but if it is a hit in the US it shouldn’t be too long before we see it over this side of the pond.

There are already a number of devices that perform a similar service from the excellent Roku through to Apple’s TV offering. You can also watch services like Netflix and YouTube from a number of devices like games consoles.

So will you be buying a Chromecast?

Ashley Norris