Dailymotion debuts innovative iPhone video editing app

Dailymotion-app.jpgHere’s an interesting move. Dailymotion, which as you may or may not know is the second most popular online video portal after YouTube, has released an iOS app that let’s the user shoot, edit and upload HD video.

The idea is that if you use the app it will optimse your videos so they look great on the platform To this end the app features a range of tools from filters, brightness and contrast controls and basic editing facilities such as the ability to splice films together. In fact the app will even take let users take footage from several cameras to combine footage from multiple angles, adjust clip length, trim footage and manage multiple video clips into one final product

The footage is then uploaded to Dailymotion with the option of the user sharing their new content on Facebook, Twitter etc

Cedric Tournay, CEO of Dailymotion, said: “UGC is an important part of our video library, but many of our 115 million users have not had the skills or tools to document their worlds – preferring to view content than create it. We want to encourage this to change by providing a free, simple tool for any user – UGC and professional – them to easily produce and upload top quality video content. That is why our IT and Mobile Team have developed “Dailymotion Caméra” – to help every budding filmmaker easily shoot, edit and upload high quality HD film using iOS. It is the first tool we have developed to aid video capture and refinement and will be added to the viewing apps we already offer for all smart phone and tablet platforms. It doesn’t matter how much of an absolute beginner you are, the “Dailymotion Caméra” will make it easy for you to learn, improve and share your videos.”

It is available for free from here.

Ashley Norris