Pink Floyd finally hits Spotify. One million plays of Wish You Were Here unlocks the whole catalogue

Pink_Floyd_Large_1233758930_crop_500x338.jpgGreat news for space rockers, psych heads and anyone who just likes a bit of Comfortably Numb. It appears that the Pink Floyd catalogue is coming to Spotify. The English group are one of only a handful of bands who haven’t yet made an agreement with the music streaming service – there’s more here including The Beatles and Oasis – and given that the band’s mid 70s opus Dark Side of the Moon remains one of the most popular albums ever this is big news for Spotify.

Back in May several Pink Floyd albums landed on the site but were withdrawn quickly,.
This time round the track Wish You Were here has been added to the service and this cryptic tweet has come from the band.

To unlock the catalogue Wish You Were Here has to be streamed one million times. So come on Spotify users get cracking. Mind you if it was See Emily Play they would have done it by now.

Ashley Norris


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