Apple iPhone 5S to be available in gold?

gold iphone5_page_1.jpgSo how do you make the next iPhone really stand out? Easy you add a touch of bling. There’s a rumour which has been picked up by Mashable that the iPhone 5S is going to be available in a gold version.

Sounds bonkers, but apparently this isn’t the first time a gold mobile has been mooted. The story comes from Japanese site Macotakara which suggests that a reliable source aren’t they always has told them that the iPhone 5S will be gold.

There have been other mentions of a gold iPhone before but we’d assumed that they were the work of over imaginative teenagers who are dab hands on Photoshop.

Incidentally you can already get an iPhone 5 in gold here. It will cost you though.

Well we will see. Anyhow forget the gold. Apple really needs to focus on the iPhone 6 having a big screen and stunning camera or else it will be losing ground to mobiles like this.

Pic credit (and if you want a gold mobile now) here.

Ashley Norris

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