All the gadgets you need for Al Fresco Dining at home

No, we don’t mean picnics or a sunday barbeque – this is distinctly more grown-up, dinner party-esque and posher than that. We’re not quite in the Aussie’s league yet, but we have come along way just in the last decade (- despite the weather playing against us).

We’ve pretty much extended our homes and furnished it’s ‘outdoor rooms’ with all kinds of superfluous dining equipment, outdoor structures and feasts inspired by Sunday Supplement recipes.

As the British do so well, we’ve adopted the best bits from other nations (of warmer climes) and are Al Fresco Dining as soon as there’s enough blue in the sky to make a pair of sailors trousers.

Here’s our top ten al fresco ideas we’d love to have in our back yards for the best outdoor dining experiences.

Ashley Norris