Apple says farewell to the original iPhone – a groundbreaking but flawed mobile

apple-orginal-iphone.jpgGot an original first generation Apple iPhone – this one rather than this one? Well your phone if you are still using it, is about to be labelled obsolete by the company which means that it will no longer be serviced by Apple’s retail network.

if you want to get it fixed then you have until June 11th to get it sorted after that you will have to find your own non-Apple dealer.

The original Apple iPhone will always be remembered as the handset that introduced Apple’s innovative iOS and its ground breaking app universe (which was opened up to developers a year later) and at the same time delivered a touch screen experience that was way ahead of its rivals.

Apart from those two game-changing innovations the phone was in fact fairly primitive. Unlike almost every other high end phone at the time it didn’t run on 3G network but instead used the slower EDGE network which meant it was borderline useless for the web when not on Wi-Fi. It had a two mega pixel camera (most of its contemporaries were five MP by then) which was still image capture only and wouldn’t record video. Its battery performance took a lot of stick too.

Nevertheless the original iPhone laid the groundwork for the Apple 3Gs which followed in 2010 and arguably established the iPhone as the most successful and coveted handset in the world.

Interestingly the version one only sold six million units. Which is a lot, but nothing compared to the 3Gs’s which sold over a million units in its first weekend.

Ashley Norris