Under Armour hints at wearable touchscreen tech in latest ad

We’ve written lots about digital health and wearable technology over the past few years and now if a new ad from Under Armour is anything to go by, the trend could be set to take an even more interesting turn, with touchscreens actually being built into clothing. Yeah, really.

Under Armour is a company that creates pioneering wearable gadgets like the Armour39, a wristwatch style device that monitors athletic performance and tracks lots of stats, such as calories burned and heart rate.

However, despite the fact the Armour39 is one of the best in class, it’s Under Armour’s latest ad that’s got people talking, because in it the company nods to development of a touchscreen arm device, which makes up a concept suit that allows you to visualise data directly onto fabric.

Although there’s been no official word about Under Armour’s future plans, PSFK believes it’s definitely a nod to new areas of research and development as apposed to just a concept that may never come to fruition.

Becca Caddy