ARTFINDER: The ASOS for simple art buying has us hooked


The ever-growing popularity of visual sharing platforms like Instagram and Pinterest has turned everyone into a glorified art and design critic and has exposed us to all kinds of weird and wonderful creations. However, when it comes to making purchases and bringing art into our homes, most of us don’t really know where to begin and feel intimidated in some specialist stores yet crave more than just a generic print from the likes of Ikea.

Well fear not art newbies, because ArtFinder is a cool new website hoping to change the way people buy art, making the whole process much more accessible and offering anyone affordable investment pieces withouting seeming too pretentious or confusing.

Simply visit the site and search through older, traditional pieces or art from up-and-coming young artists by browsing through subject, price or type of media. You’re then presented with a number of photos, prints and paintings in a really easy-to-browse format that’s reminiscent of Pinterest or really addictive Tumblr blogs.

Obviously there are plenty of places to buy art online, but Artfinder makes it simple, easy and looks damn good too.

Becca Caddy

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  • I've heard a lot about this Art finder and they offers cool features.

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