TWITTER: You can unsend stupid/embarrassing/dirty DMs


A lot of those obsessed with Twitter already probably figured out this feature existed a while ago, but today everyone’s talking about the fact it’s possible to delete direct messages from someone else’s inbox after you’ve hit send. Well, kind of.

Today Cnet and Lifehacker wrote about the clever ability to wipe a message straight from someone else’s DM inbox by simply clicking on the trash can icon. Yep, it’s as simple as that.

Of course the main problem is that most people are so obsessed with what their followers are saying about them that they have push and email notifications set up, meaning your silly/drunken/lovesick words may still reach them after you’ve deleted the offending DM.

You could just try not spilling your heart out over the internet or talking to people face to face instead, but we realise that’s a big ask in 2013.

Becca Caddy