Logitech unveils Ultrathin Keyboard Case for the iPad Mini

logitech-ipad-mini-keyboard.jpgEven though the iPad Mini was released late last year, there’s been no shortage in cool cases and handy accessories to keep your teeny tiny tablet as safe, stylish and multifunctional as possible. However, our favourite iPad Mini accessory to date has to be Logitech’s brand new Ultrathin Keyboard Case, a super slim, super protective keyboard and cover designed specially to compliment the new Apple tablet’s slim exterior.

The accessory is the same as Logitech’s regular Ultrathin Keyboard Case, but has a solid base, meaning it’s much easier to watch things from your favourite gadget. The keyboard/case hybrid is built from aluminium, meaning it’s as light and slim as possible while also keeping your tablet safe from knocks and scrapes. The keyboard also boasts a three month battery life and a bluetooth range of up to 10 metres, making it ideal for those lucky enough to have got their hands on an iPad Mini who want to use it for more than just browsing their social media accounts and wasting time with apps.

From the Logitech website for £69.99.

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Becca Caddy

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