Dyson reinvents the tap to dry your hands too


Gone are the days of the engineers at Dyson HQ only making colourful vacuum cleaners, as the brand today revealed it’s reinvented the way the humble tap works by adding in new technology to allow you to dry your hands from the same spot.

The new Airblade Tap system follows in the footsteps of Dyson’s revolutionary (can we call a hand dryer revolutionary?) Airblade hand dryers. But now the brand has solved the problem of having to walk all the way from the sink to the dryer to sort your hands out and now will clean, rinse and dry them all from the sink. GENIUS. Just think about the time we’ll save?!

The new technology has cost an estimated £26.9 million to develop and works using an infrared system, which is able to track the position of your hands, rinse them with water and then dry them automatically using “high-velocity sheets of air”.

However, at £1000 a pop the new system is likely aimed at swanky restaurants and bars rather than your house, because we’re pretty sure you could get a new budget kitchen fitted for that price.

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[Via Like Cool]

Becca Caddy